Top 10 Adventure Games for Android in 2021

Adventure Games for Android Adventure games are among the most bizarre genres of game. They don’t belong to any one genre or category , and typically be able to fit into multiple genres at once.

To qualify as an”adventure game,” it should be able to take players on an adventure.

This describes the majority of video games. Adventure is not a genre that could be defined using first-person shooters or RPGs.

It’s possible to create an adventure game from everything. The article we wrote many years ago, after we had received a lot of feedback from readers. We’re hoping to discover several good games that bring you on a fantastical adventure.

We’ve compiled an index of the best adventure games available on Android.

Adventure Games for Android #10. Murder in the Alps

I’m going to I’m going to recommend Murder in the Alps to you. It’s the most criminal-themed adventure video game.

The plot for the game amazing while the graphic are stunning. Let’s now review some of the key elements.

Adventure Games for Android #9. Survival Island – Wild Escape

In conclusion, I would recommend Survival Island Wild Escape to you. It’s also a highly rated adventure game on Android and features a great storyline. The game is jam-packed with action and can be played any time and anywhere. In this article, we’ll examine its main characteristics. This lets you become more particular.

Adventure Games for Android #8. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn could be a little Zelda-like in it however that doesn’t mean it bad should you wish to play an extremely fun arcade games for mobile.

A letter is delivered to the mail from dad. The only you’ve left is his notebook, and a necklace. You’re very thoughtful, Dad.

Since this is a game it is natural to begin asking questions. The game will take you to the oceans that are uncharted, speaking with other people, and stab opponents with your weapon.

The chapter is available for free with the Android gadget. The whole quest will take about 12 hours. Highly recommended as being among the top Android gaming.

Adventure Games for Android #7. Evoland

Evoland can be described as an action-adventure title that has the tradition of RPG gaming as well as the classic adventures.

The greatest feature of the HTML0 3D adventure title is that it doesn’t contain ads or in-app payments. Play the game to gain access to new technologiesand enhance graphic quality.

The game will make you feel separated from the world. Great way to keep you entertained while you search to find hidden treasure. This is one of our most loved adventure games for Android less than 50MB.

Adventure Games for Android #6. Banner Saga 2

Banner Saga 2 brings you the second chapter of this story. Banner Saga 2 features new gameplay mechanics that enhance the already exhilarating gameplay. This makes it more difficult to choose the best strategy to fight. Banner Saga 2 is an award-winning adventure.

Adventure Games for Android #5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact (one of the most recent adventure titles that are on the list) includes. It’s very like Zelda Breath of the Wild. You get an open world area to explore, as well as a range of quests and missions to complete. Players can also utilize the glider for greater distances.

It’s also possible to include an RPG aspect to the game, however most characters are obtained via quests rather than unintentional summons.

It’s stunning The controls are excellent and you’ll enjoy exploring this website.

Adventure Games for Android #4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Are you an avid Harry Potter lover and would you also like to try the top Adventure Games on Android? You’re lucky, as I have something that will meet your desires.

Let’s head to Hogwarts Mystery and play Harry Potter. Here you can embark on your own journey through Hogwarts Mystery and the Wizarding World.

You are free to create your own stories and create your own adventures. The game offers a variety of wonderful capabilities. Let’s look at a few of them.

Adventure Games for Android #3. Alice in the Mirrors Albino

Let’s discuss Alice in the Mirrors of Albino. This game will take you to London during the Victorian Era.

Albino is the name of the game. You will be required to solve the puzzle, as well as the mystifying mysteries of Albino similar to Alice in Wonderland.

You’ll soon be hooked by the thrilling storyline of the game. Let’s take an in-depth look at what possibilities are available.

Adventure Games for Android #2. Jungle Adventure 2

Jungle Adventure 2 I suggest to everyone who is seeking adventure in the woods. It is totally free and is among my top Adventure games.

Addu is an adventurer who trying to save the fruits of the forest from an evil wizard. Let’s look at the main aspects of the game.


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Adventure Games for Android #1. Crashlands

Crashland was named among the top adventure games ever since 2016. Flux is an space Trucker. The game begins when you fall into an alien world.

Your mission is easy take your cargo back as well as build a base to fight against the bad people in order to protect the planet.

It includes a variety of gameplay options including combat crafting, combat and RPG-style character levels. You can also train your creatures to assist you during your battle.

It’s a complicated game packed with lots of content. You can play on your the PC and mobile. Its 4.8 Google Play rating is correct. If you’re curious, it’s accessible through Google Play Pass.

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