Best offline Games for 1GB Android Phones 2021

Today’s blog we’ll be discussing the best Offline Games for Android, most people enjoy playing games, however typically, it’s the case that there’s numerous games available in the Google Play Store of and Android smartphone, which is why we’re in a mess. Let’s look at what games are good and which you should download.

We will tell you about the top games for that you can download offline for Android and enjoy on your mobile without internet! You can see that there are a variety of top Smartphones available and every customer can pick the best smartphone based on their preference.

The unique aspect is that smartphone manufacturers attempt to improve storage, RAM as well as graphics on the phone. There are also games online available on the Google Play Store so that anyone can enjoy more enjoyment from games. However, for those games, it is essential to always have internet access on the phone, which is why we prefer playing offline more.

Today we share with you the most downloaded games of 2021. You should be playing. Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? Let us know the games that you can play offline.

The best offline games available to play offline on Android #1. The Wolf Among Us

This is the Best Adventure Game published in 2013! The game was created for Telltale Games! This is an offline-only game. “The wolf in our midst” inspired by The Fables graphic novel series created by Bill Willingham!

In this scenario, the player is the bigby Wolf! Who will investigate the murder of an innocent woman! The player is able to explore a variety of locations, including houses, apartments, bars and more.! In the course of exploring an environment the player might come across an object! In which case, they could interact!

The fifth episode of the game will be released on Oct. It will be released on Microsoft Windows, Play station 3 as well as Xbox 360 platforms between 2013 and July 2014!

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5:

  1. Faith
  2. Mirror and smoke
  3. A grimy smile
  4. In sheep’s clothes
  5. cry Half

The top offline games on Android #2. Crossy Road

It is a well-known Android offline-only game! This game can be played offline , and it’s a game for families!

You can also play on the internet! In this cross-road game you steer a chicken across the road, and over other obstacles! This is a fun and entertaining android offline game!

It features 150 retro-styled characters with online multiplayer and offline support, as well as many more. You can play this game with your Android TV!

After you have downloaded the game from the Google Play store After downloading, you must go through game settings, and then sign in! After this you will be able to analyze any the game’s progress is!

The best offline games available for Android #3. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is an Classical Fighting Mobile Game with 40 million users to date Shadow fight 2 is designed by Nekki! This is a one-player game that is played offline

The game was made available on Android as well as iOS in 2014 and made available on Google Play Store in 2015. Google Play Store in 2015!

The game lets you equip your character with an array of dangerous weapons! It’s an amazing game that has a realistic live combat technology and altering the character’s appearance with magical!

The top offline games on Android #4. Candy Crush Saga

This is the Best Puzzle Game! It is a game that is loved by millions of players around the world, and has billions of downloads in the event of being played, it’s the most played game ever! Sweet candy must be played in this manner way, and in doing so, the goal must be met!

Then progress must be made in the next stage! As the levels rise the more the tasks continue to change! In the end, you have the chance to slash the chocolate using a combination of five sweet chocolates! It’s a great game, and you can earn sweet rewards by playing daily spins. Daily Spins too!

In accordance with the levels, you have the responsibility of removing the jelly! The brand new Fun levels and Fantastic levels of the Candy crush game!

The top offline games to play on Android #5. Asphalt 8 – Car Racing Game

This is an Car Racing video game! It is loved by a lot of people! More than 100 downloads on Google Play, you can take part in Car Racing with real speed! You can utilize a variety of racing cars and also motorbike racing!

This is a fantastic racing game! The car is able to leap during motorbike racing! It is a single-player as well as multiplayer game in which you can be a part of the race!

The top offline games on Android #6. Temple Run 2

This is among the most fun games of the top Android games offline! Temple run 2 is the most loved game! It’s an Android mobile game that has more than 500 million downloads! The game is where you need to get out by running or jumping through fire, forests, and water! You must complete a new level! There are many challenges to overcome in this!

In this game, every character has different powers! The game is enjoyed by children as well! You can score the best score by playing with skill! A lot of people learn concerning temple run. Temple Run game, but you can play it online without any hassle!

The best offline games available for Android #7. Subway Surfers

It has been the top game played! With more than 1 Billion downloads as of now and is truly an exciting game! It is playable offline! There are numerous characters such as Tony, Harumi, rex, mina, jemmy and so on. They must escape the police and a dog , and then get away! You have to leap over the train on the tracks of the railway.

In order to play this game, move left or right and then leap on the screen using your fingers. You can also add other things like jet packs, coins, super shoe and super jump! Any thing that can help you play for a while, it is played quickly! You can also win more coins by playing with skill! The kids love this game too!


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On this page, we’ve told you about the top offline android games that were most played in the year 2020 i.e. millions of users who are who are loved by everyone! I hope that after reading this article you’ll also want the games you can play on an Android smartphone!

I am sure! We can play games on the internet and enjoy our time playing games! If there are any comments or suggestions about this article, then contact us via comment below. If you enjoy the article, do not forget to share it with your circle of friends.

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