Best Android Cricket Games in 2021

The best Cricket Games for Android: Cricket is a favored sport across many countries, especially within India. My early years were filled with cricket. As we age it is not always possible for everyone to take part in cricket.

There are numerous cricket games available for Android as well as iPhone. You may be overwhelmed by the numerous cricket games on in the app store of Apple Store as well as the Google Play Store. Therefore, I’ve compiled an overview of the top 10 cricket games on Android.

Best Cricket Games for Android #10. Real Cricket Go

Real Cricket Go is on the five spot. This is the lower-graphic version of Real Cricket 20. This game was designed to work with smartphones that are low-end.

This game user-friendly and has various game modes like Quick Match, Asia Cup and World Cup, Champions Cup, and Associates Cup. Real Cricket Go is an excellent game available for Android or iPhone.

Best Cricket Games for Android #9. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is the most enjoyable game for men and women.

You can make your own team and your favorite player. While playing , you’ll be amazed by the graphics, animations, as well as excellent controls that makes it more enjoyable.

We are delighted that the sport is now played as a game played in multiplayer with your loved ones. There is now the option of playing both women’s and men’s cricket. It makes the sport feel more real.

Best Cricket Games for Android #7. MSD: World Cricket Bash

This story about MS Dhoni: The Untold Story forms the foundation of the game. This film was an inspiration from the true tale that was MS Dhoni.

You’ll be playing the part as Sushant Sain Rajput who is Dhoni in the movie. Through the course of the film you’ll progress and go through all the major aspects of Dhoni’s professional cricket career. The game, unlike the other which focus on players is based on one player’s personal story.

Once you’re immersed in the story, it’s addicting. It’s easy to use and features stunning graphics.

It also allows Dhoni-inspired shots like Helicopter Shot or reverse Sweep. Overall this game is enjoyable and I would recommend it to everyone, especially Dhoni fans.

Best Cricket Games for Android #6. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions lets you be Sachin Tendulkar. This game like MS Dhoni: The Official Cricket Game focuses on the character’s and story. Your journey begins as a young Sachin and will continue throughout his remarkable career of 24 years playing cricket.

Sachin’s avatar makes use of all the unique shots Sachin is known for, to make it seem more realistic. You can make your own dream team and play against other teams in order to win the trophy.

The game’s PvP gameplay is my absolute favorite. It provides you with an incentive as well as a possibility to win with your team.

The game is harder as compared to MS Dhoni Game, and it is more suitable for players who have the time and effort to master its rules.

Best Cricket Games for Android #6. Doodle Cricket

This game is perfect for those seeking a sport that is light and easy to play. It’s light and fun, unlike the major tournaments.

You’ll love Doodle Cricket’s graphic designs.

You can enjoy yourself and joy by playing. Get good shots at six or better and you can beat AI. This game can be a fantastic method to play cricket.

Best Cricket Games for Android #5. CSK: Battle of Chepauk 2

The game is designed for those who are an MS Dhoni or CSK fan like I am. You will discover a myriad of challenges within the game, and not just due to its stunning graphic and animated graphics.

This game was my favorite over the years. It’s also an official CSK cricket match, which means you’ll find your favourite CSK player.

It also plays CSK soundtracks playing in the background. They’re awesome.

The game is not suitable intended for everyone, although some CSK as well as Dhoni fans might be interested. But, it’s worthwhile to try as there are so many obstacles.

The game can be played offline and online with family and friends. It has more than 10 million downloads which proves how popular the sport is.

Best Cricket Games for Android #4. WCC Rivals

WCC Rivals is among the most difficult Android games. Although it is simple scoring six, or even four goals in different cricket matches, the one requires you to hit shots in the exact timing. The game is more exciting.

It is also necessary to connect to the internet to play the game. It’s a multiplayer live-in-the-moment cricket. It was fun to play some different games. The animations and graphics were stunning.

You can join your fellow players by forming or joining an existing group. If you’re thinking that other games are easy, then this game is much more challenging and is the most challenging Android games for cricket.

Best Cricket Games for Android #3. Real cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is an excellent choice for those who care about every aspect. This game is extremely similar to real cricket.

Each game starts with a short introduction to the game which is followed by a throw. The game continues.

You are able to cut out any part you don’t enjoy. You have complete control over this game.

You are able to select the location you would like to shoot with the ball.

Best Cricket Games for Android #2. World of Cricket

World of Cricket is another excellently designed game that fans of cricket will enjoy. It is a realistic game with realistic ball physics and batting that create a realistic feeling of playing. It is possible to play for more than 25 shots and are able to do it with flair.

With a myriad of options and activities Bowling is an excellent game. This game is also a fantastic example of outstanding fielding.

AI-controlled fielders make spectacular diving catches, which make for a fun part playing.

The graphics are cartoonish and might not appeal to you.

The game isn’t affiliated with any particular team thus the names of players differ.

The game is fantastic and you’ll be enthralled by it. If you’re worried about the smallest details You might want to leave them out.

Best Cricket Games for Android #1. World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 is an instant hit in the Play Store.

There are numerous options in the game, with a wide range of shot options, as well as more conventional ones like Helicopter shot, upper-cut paddle sweep, etc.

You can choose from 14 different actions providing you with more control over your delivery while making the experience as enjoyable as hitting.

The game comes with a variety of amazing features, such as the latest review system which utilizes ultra-edge, hot-spot and the hawk-eye.

The game offers an array of teams from both national and domestic and 32 venues. Here, you’ll have a wonderful moment playing cricket.

It is important to know that the game may be quite heavy in terms of graphics and resources, therefore you’ll need to have a top-quality smartphone to fully enjoy the game.


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Last Thought on Best Cricket Games for Android

This is the conclusion of our top list of Android games for fans of cricket available on the Google Play Store. There are different options, however these are the top 10 that we tested.

Take a look at the list below and tell us how you feel about. If you would like to share your favorite game, you can note it in the comments section below.

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